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Welcome Welcome to Malvern College Tokyo! We are delighted that you are considering our school for your child and excited to have the opportunity to support them in their learning journey.


Malvern College Tokyo opened its doors in August 2023, initially offering classes from Prep 1 to Foundation Year 3 from the 2023-24 academic year and Prep 1 to Remove (Year 10) for the 2024-25 academic year. Classes will extend each year to ultimately offer a full curriculum for up to 950 pupils from Prep 1 to Upper Sixth.


Malvern College Tokyo is open to all pupils within specified age guidelines and who meet our required admissions standards.

Malvern Meet & Mailing List

Before applying to join our school, we invite you to find out more about us and our admissions process by joining one of our Malvern Meet. These are informative sessions for prospective parents. We also invite you to sign up to our mailing list to receive the latest information about our school and details of our upcoming events.

When to Apply

Malvern College Tokyo accepts rolling applications throughout the school year. Please see Assessment and Admission Results for details.

Priority in the Admissions Process

As part of our commitment to building a diverse and vibrant pupil population. The following groups will be given priority for assessment:

  • Siblings of pupils already attending Malvern College Tokyo.

  • Children of Old Malvernians (alumni).

  • Pupils transferring from another school within the Malvern College family. (These pupils must have attended the school for a minimum of two years and have strong school reports).

  • Children of companies under the Special Admissions Scheme for Multinational Companies.

  • Children who bring diversity in terms of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, or gender.

  • Children who show a genuine interest in learning and an aptitude for independent study.


Please note: all children are required to meet the school’s entrance requirements, irrespective of priority status

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