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Malvern College Tokyo - the latest addition to the Malvern College Family of Schools

Malvern College, an outstanding British Independent School with over 150 years of history, is delighted to announce Malvern College Tokyo as the 10th member of the Malvern College Family of Schools.


墨尔文全球教育联通,开局之年高歌再启航 —东京墨尔文学校将于 2023 年开校!

2022 年 1 月 14 日新年开始,墨尔文教育(亚太区)宣布,东京墨尔文学校将于 2023 年 9 月开校。这是墨尔文全球大家庭中的第 7 个海外校区。


マルバーン・カレッジ東京が東京都小平市に 2023 年 9 月開校

創立 150 年以上の歴史を持つ英国の名門校マルバーン・カレッジは、東京都小平市に「マルバーン・カレッジ東京」を開校いたします。


Latest Newsletter

June 2022 Issue

Welcome to the Malvern College community and thank you for your positive interest and support. I am genuinely delighted to write this first newsletter as the Founding Headmaster of Malvern College Tokyo and I look forward to meeting you in person when I arrive in Tokyo at the beginning of August.

July 2022 Issue

It has been a dramatic time for Japan and the UK recently. The assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Nara and the resignation of Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, demonstrate the importance and impact of politics, government and civil society on our lives.

Aug 2022 Issue

I am thrilled that my arrival in Tokyo is imminent and that by the time this newsletter is circulated I should be residing in Shinjuku and working with Board members and colleagues to operationalise the start up plans for Malvern College Tokyo. I have been waiting for this exciting moment for many months...

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