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Small class size, dedicated tutor time and a genuine concern for the individual are key features of the Malvern experience. In addition to ensuring a programme of academic excellence, we place an emphasis on the personal, all-round development of pupils; to this end we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities encompassing sport, art, theatre, music and IT and a House system which gives each pupil a particular identity in the school whilst also providing opportunities for a variety of House competitions (inter-house sporting competitions, debating and singing competitions and such like).

Our aim is to ensure that a Malvern education offers the very best in terms of academic excellence whilst also giving every child the opportunity to develop these skills and attributes most needed for a happy, fulfilled and successful adult life. Those skills and attributes are best summarised by our “Malvern qualities” which are referred to under Malvern College’s ethos.

Our integrated programme includes:

A collaborative learning environment

Our pupils are supported to take the lead in their own learning and are provided with the skills and tools to actively participate or question methods. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, between peers between teachers, with pupils in other Malvern Colleges around the world or with other experts during field trips and other activities organised by the school.

Personalised academic enrichment

We have a low teacher-pupil ratio of around 1:10, to facilitate the introduction of “inquiry” as a key pedagogical approach that allows each pupil to understand the world in a manner and at a rate that is unique to that learner. Classes are supplemented through tutor time, group discussions, and projects to enhance the transdisciplinary focus of the curriculum. Each pupil in Secondary is also assigned with a House tutor who supports the child and has the overview of their academic and wider development.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Malvern College (UK) pioneered Nuffield Science, an approach that promotes the study of science through experimentation and discovery. Our approach across the learning and teaching of STEM is focused around practical work, inspiring a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving. This emphasises the relevance of work to environmental, social, technical and economic issues and to children’s lives.

Inheriting Malvern College’s strong track record in the Sciences,  Malvern College Tokyo takes every opportunity to promote the profile of STEM subjects at our school through co-curricular activities, competitions, masterclasses, and enrichment activities. In addition to the numerous science clubs, the annual Science Fair, the various science competitions and tournaments that our pupils will join, our programme will also include Science Camps and Excursions; visiting a Scientist Lecture Series; a Science Community Outreach Programme; and a Scientist-in-Residence Programme.


The Malvern College Tokyo experience - Small class size, dedicated tutor time and a genuine concern for the individual are key features of the Malvern experience. 

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