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House System

Incorporating a House system as part of our day school will be a fundamental aspect of providing an integrated education to our pupils. Assigning pupils to Houses will help foster team spirit and enhance their sense of belonging, both critical elements in character development, and will ensure a rich and fulfilling school life. 

Pastoral Care

A non-descriptive approach to learning, small class sizes, dedicated tutor time and a genuine concern for the individual are key features of a Malvern education. The school's strong pastoral care seeks to embed the ethos of a boarding school into a day-school setting where we strive to develop a tight-knit community of pupils and teachers.

Our aim is to further our pupils’ abilities beyond just academics by nurturing their physical, social and emotional development. Character education, building and strengthening good personal relationships within the school community, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle are all integral to our effective pastoral system. 

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