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Malvern Experience Workshop

‘Fly Me to the Moon’

Come and join our Fly Me to The Moon, Malvern Experience Workshop on Saturday 4th February 2023 to see for yourself how Malvern’s hands-on, teaching approach brings together a diverse array of influences to create a unique learning environment for your children.  

Parents can work with their children to build a dream city – not on earth but on the moon! Will your design be based on a bustling, technologically advanced, city, like Tokyo, or a tranquil city, perhaps in Iceland, full of natural recourses....the choices are all yours!


While the children are busy thinking about life on the moon, parents will also have the opportunity to meet our Founding Principal, Mike Spencer and to learn more about the  multifaceted approach that MCT brings to education. It is one which allows our pupils to discover their greatest skills and equips them with the tools to use these skills as they grow. It is at the very heart of our mission and contributes to a process we call “passion into action.”

So, what makes a Malvern education so special?  
We believe it is the unique set of values and our long-established ethos, that we deeply embed into all aspects of our school life.  Malvern College Tokyo (MCT) will inherit the rich heritage of Malvern College UK, a school which believes in a holistic education where, in addition to an emphasis on academic excellence, pupils experience a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. From sports, to entrepreneurship, financial literacy, debating, the creative arts, and social etiquette instruction, or the chance to learn a musical instrument , join an orchestra, or take part in a play,  the opportunities to learn and grow at MCT are endless!  We also focus on instilling our 11 unique Malvern Qualities into all aspects of our teaching. We believe these qualities serve our pupils during their time with us, and also as the move to university and on to their future careers. 


Fly Me to The Moon, will be the first in a series of Malvern Experience Workshops held in Tokyo. Each one will enable your children to in engage in a variety of experiences, both physical and creative and will give you the opportunity to see a Malvern education in action


We do hope that you will join us. 

Malvern Experience Workshop: ‘ Fly Me to the Moon’

Date:          Saturday 4th February 2023


Time:        Session 1: 09:00 -10:30 (for ages 5-7)

                Session 2: 11:00 -12:30 (for ages 8-10)

                Session 3: 14:00 -15:30 (for ages 11-13)


Venue:      2F, Shinjuku Nomura Building

Please click the button below to sign up for our ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ Workshop.

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